Thursday, December 1, 2011

World AIDS Day Talk with Obama, Bush, Clinton

Check it out Here! Hosted by One Campaign, a talk by our nations former and present leaders about the Global AIDS Crisis and Possible solutions.

Jeffrey Sachs Comments on World AIDS Day and Global Fund Failures

Today is World AIDS Day, a day for us to remember the success' of our combat with AIDS as a pandemic. Jeffrey Sachs of the Earth Institute at Columbia has written that this is not the case today. Today, it is important to know that the Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB, and malaria is getting suspended for the 11th round, denying much needed funding to nearly 3.3 million people who receive AIDS treatment from it, 3.3 million people are given death because of the lack of funding from governments like the United States. He points out that the money the US would have to pledge amounts to only 16 hours of the annual spending by the pentagon, $4.20 per American, and a tiny fraction of military spending. This article bring everything back to perspective, noting that we aren't making progress right now, that the world is far from meeting its own goals on eliminating AIDS. Check out the article Here: The Independent