Monday, August 29, 2011

The equal access battle

The right to live is an inalienable human right. Along with this right comes the ability to live. The ability to live is dictated by the healthcare we can receive. Therefore, good healthcare is an inalienable right. A person who lives in a developing nation does not deserve to die from a curable disease because they cannot afford the drugs for it, or because medications for their disease doesn't have a big enough  buyers market. The trouble is, once a drug is patented to a big name pharmaceutical company, there is nothing to be done about lowering the price set by the company. That's where institutions can make the change. Global Access Policies like the ones in place at universities like University of British Columbia and Yale. Universities are places for the betterment of the world, and global access policy makes the world better. Why should a man in Haiti die from AIDs in his late twenties when a man in America can live his whole life with the disease.


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