Monday, September 19, 2011

Pro Bono Bio, the Tom's Shoes of Pharmaceuticals

Today we are hearing about an exciting new pharmaceutical company called Pro Bono Bio. This is from they're website: Pro Bono Bio is at the forefront of the "humanitarian" pharmaceutical industry. It is the first pharmaceutical company to have clear and specific humanitarian objectives from the start. Pro Bono Bio’s business model provides for the provision of drug donations to Africa based on the sales of its products in the pharmaceutical markets of Western Europe. So for every sale in Western Europe at normal prices, Pro Bono Bio will provide the same product, manufactured to the same international standards, to be distributed to Africa. Pro Bono Bio’s shareholders are fully supportive of this unique business model which will apply to all of the company’s products. The area of Africa that Pro Bono Bio will initially supply is the East African Community (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, and Rwanda), which has a population of 130 million. As a self proclaimed humanitarian pharmaceutical industry, this company is making waves, and really producing a great new model for access! Hopefully the wave is contagious in the future, but for now this awesome group is bringing in an enlightened era of pharmaceuticals. More available at the Burrill Report This info forwarded on from the UAEM-CC Thanks guys! -Justin

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