Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Vaccines for children to reach 37 more countries!

Vaccines for rotavirus and pneumococcal disease announced today to be provided in more countries in Africa! This as a part of a movement done by GAVI Alliance, whose CEO stated: “Thanks to our donors and partners, the GAVI Alliance is now delivering on its promise to protect more children across the developing world against rotavirus, pneumococcal disease and other life-threatening yet preventable diseases,” said GAVI CEO Seth Berkley M.D. This is exciting news in the world of Global Access! Way to Go GAVI Alliance for your success in implementing these vaccines. This is following success in distribution of these vaccines in Sudan. By 2015, GAVI is planning on distributing to more than 40 countries, and providing vaccine for more than 50 million children. What a great success! For more: check out this article: Click Me! -Justin

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